“i felt like i was facing my past. i felt like after I won, I turned the page. After that, things just started changing.
Fighting means everything to me, it’s been a huge impact in my life.
It makes me see life differently.”
evan delong



Why I Fight is a feature length documentary independently produced by Lucas Carter following three young professional mixed martial arts fighters. The documentary focuses on the fighters on a personal level as they progress to build a career and life for themselves as MMA fighters.

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"you get a sense of bliss when you lose yourself in the fight.
you're both throwing hands at each other, and in that moment,
that's all that matters."
brady hovermale

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"most people would doubt me; would doubt that this is anything real; that this is anything more than just playing around.
But the people that take the time to invest into what i'm doing and see the sacrifices i make, those are the people that get the picture.
Those are the people that see that this is real.
this is very real."
james porter


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